Effortless Ways to Prevent Your Brake from Squeaking

Buying or having a car is such a terrific thing to occur, it is proof of how deserving you are of terrific things. These days, most teenagers wish to have a car, they don’t know what you need to earn before you get a car, or earn it like performing great in school and being a good son or daughter. But remember when you want to own a car ensure you have the characteristics of a good car owner.

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When you intend to own a car, make sure you are going to be a smart car owner. Equally, like anything else, a car can degrade over time, and problems could come and go. But again, much like some things, troubles come and stay.

A car can have issues that you can give a remedy with and problems that don’t have any solution to fixing it. The best things to do before these issues occur is to appropriately preserve your car. Prevent it from taking place by looking after your car and providing it with the appropriate maintenance it requires. Now, some of the most typical troubles a car could have is flat tires, spark plug problems, and many more. But we’re here to talk about your brakes, brakes can have problems too, it could be mild and it could really be devastating.

Check your brakes.

Constantly check your brakes every so often. Ensure that there are no loosened parts in your brakes. The majority of the time, if you’ve got loose parts in your brakes, that loose part will be the root cause of the noise. So make sure to always inspect your brakes.

Check your brake pads.

If you have no loose parts, go on and inspect your brake pads. Your brake pads may be worn that’s why it makes noises. If you have a worn-out brake pad replace it immediately, if you don’t know how to replace a brake pad, immediately go to the best and local automotive repair shop in your town. But don’t fret, if you don’t wish to let any service center touch your car since you don’t want more expenses, we’ll leave you some steps on how to replace a brake pad.

The first step is you need to get your car off the ground next, remove the caliper and brake pads, go ahead on changing the brake pads, next is you replace your caliper assembly, and the last step is optional, if you wish to change your tires then go ahead but bear in mind it is only optional, but it is best if you have it changed. Hope this would help you. https://www.towtruckbridgeport.com/

A Word About Washing Your Car and Your Plumbing

So, I was washing my car in my driveway like I always do.  This is my big Jeep SUV was after we went four wheeling for four hours in the Catskill Mountains. The car was totally covered with grime.  So, I took great pleasure in hosing off all of the dirt and the grime and waxing the car and bringing it back as close as I could to that showroom shine.  There is always something very therapeutic about washing a car.  I can’t quite explain it.  Anyway, I went through my usual rigamarole with the car, washed it dried it, waxed it.  Cleaned the interior and all that.  I put some treatment on the seats and then put the car in the garage. All good.

But then, I go to fire up the hose to wash all the sponges, and the pail, and the rags the way I always do, and I notice something. I have a drain in my driveway; its kind of under an overhang – so rain does not generally get in there, but runoff from the roof goes in there, because if water is allowed to pool in that part of my driveway, then my basement can flood, so we had a drain installed a long time ago.

This time, I saw that the drain began to back up.  All the dirt from the car was too much for those pipes in that drain.  The dirt clumped together and nothing I did could clear it out.  Then it started to rain.  Hard.  The water began to pool in the driveway and to make matter worse, my daughter called my cell phone from inside the house to tell me that the toilet in the kids bathroom was acting strange. This is a Sunday, mind you.  So I checked the internet and I called Elizabeth Drain Service in Jersey City.  Guess what, they were open.  They came snaked out the drain in the driveway with the biggest snake I ever saw in my life, and it was clear in ten minutes.  It really pays to find a plumber who knows how to do the job, and shows up when they say.  I won’t forget these guys.

It could have been a very shitty Monday morning.  LOL.

Basic Guide to the Different Car Body Types

Nowadays, there are huge options of different kinds of car body types to choose from – of course, all coming with each of their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s not that easy to choose what kind of car you want to buy.

Simply liking the style of the car isn’t enough and won’t guarantee you’ll think it is perfect in the long run. Characteristics like the size, function, speed, utility, appearance, etc. need to be considered.

Let’s take a look at these different car body types so you would at least have an idea what would fit you best


sedan car in silver parked outside

This is one of the most famous car body types loved and preferred by people. It is the kind that has a separate area for keeping luggage. The rear cargo area is covered with a trunk lid where you can safely store things and luggage. The size of this can go from medium to large.


black benz coupe car parked outisde

The best definition for this is a small car but with an amazing sporty look admired by a lot of people. It is usually a 2-door car, having a longer hood, and a sloping roofline down to the rear. It is also considered as the 2-door version of a sedan.


silver convertible car parked outside

Want to inhale more of that fresh breeze and enjoy a good view of the surroundings? The rooftop of this car can be detachable – meaning you can alter the look of your car. Now talk about a 2-in-1 style in a car!


Hatchback car in orange sporty

This is a car known for its practicality with its additional space for cargo, while at the same time it is a sleek looking car. Passengers can access the luggage from the compartment much easier since they can reach it from the cabin.

Sports Car

silver sports car parked outside

The usual dream car that can cost a lot and may be risky. It is known for its jaw-dropping look, good performance, and high speeds. These are usually with 2 doors- focusing more on the form and function rather than the seating and cargo capacity.


large jeep suv in black parked outside

This car body type is perfect if you want a larger seating capacity – which ranges from 5 to 7+. Addition to a spacier interior and large body, it is known for its off-road capabilities. It can handle tougher terrains and carry more luggage. However, they tend to be more costly by consuming more fuel mileage and with its heavy maintenance cost.

Station Wagon

blue station wagon parked outside

This is in between a hatchback and a minivan. It can have a third row of seats which spares more space for passengers and luggage. This usually has 5 doors, with the fifth door present at the rear cargo area. These are also widely known as Estate Car.

Pick Up

two pick up trucks parked outside

More of an outdoorsy type of person? Pickup trucks are known for its big rear cargo deck and off-road capabilities. It can carry a lot of heavy items – mountain bikes, bags of cement, equipment, and such.


white mini van with two people inside

Can go from minivans to mid-sized and large ones. It usually has sliding rear doors and has a larger capacity for passengers. This also can be used for transportation businesses.


10 Effective Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Car

First and foremost, owning a car requires us to take good care of them. And what do we car owners want? We want to prolong its life, right?! Let us start this blog with a VERY USEFUL Article! Here are effective ways to prolong your car’s life:

1.Changing Oil Regularly (VERY Important!)

Oil is the lifeblood of your car by helping in lubricating the engine’s parts, absorbing the heat, allowing the small parts to work together smoothly, efficiently and prevent overheating. As time passes, the engine oil breaks down. Your goal is to change the engine oil before it breaks down. The most acceptable time to change your oil is on every 5,000 miles.

2.Tires Need Caring, Too

Tires are most prone to wear and tear. They attain usage every time we drive the car. Here are easy and simple steps you can do to care for your tire:

  • Keep it Properly Inflated -be aware of the recommended air pressure. Under-inflation can cause more damage to the tire and its rim and may reduce the car’s  gas mileage
  • Rotate the Tires – do this for every 6,000 to 7,500 miles. This will prevent uneven tread wear and definitely prolong the life of your tire

3.Protect Your Car Seats

Do you have kids or pets who tend to mess up the seats? Protect your car interior as early as possible so it would last longer. Add some seat covers – it adds protection to the upholstery and may add to the style of your interior, too!

car seats protected prolong car life

4.Clean the Engine

Your engine can get really filthy and accumulate those extra grime. Keeping it clean will help it run better and cooler, It will also be easier to spot leaks and cracks for safety measures. You can do this on your own by buying heavy-duty engine cleaning products or have a professional do it. This tip will help you save a lot of money in the long run – just be sure to do this at least once a year.

5.Protect Your Exterior: Wash and Wax!

Yes, of course, we also want to maintain the outer look of our car! Here are ways to maintain the exterior longer:

  • Wash Your Car Regularly – this makes the car look prettier, protect its paint and helps it do its job better. Properly remove all the dirt and road salt build-up. Otherwise, this may cause some rusting, lowering the value of your car.
  • Waxing – this is a cheap but great investment. It will protect the car’s paint from different weathers and temperatures. This will also help the car withstand the sun, rain, snow, road salt, and other dirt so much better.

6.Park in the Right Place

Always consider where you park your car, too. Keeping it in your garage will be its safest haven and putting them away from any debris interaction. When you’re out, park it under a shade. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to the dashboard and fade the interior seating.

girl and car in parking lot

7.Don’t Stress the Engine Too Much!

When you turn on your engine, leave it running for a few seconds and DO NOT rev on the engine or start driving immediately. The engine needs to warm up first, especially in a cold weather. You can also combine all your errands as to not use your car too much and stress the engine.