Month: November 2020

Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Car Care Tips

There are still many days of winter ahead of us and the current situation has made clear that having a car –and especially one in good conditions- is more important than ever before. 

Honestly, giving your car the proper care to survive trough snow, ice, and cold it’s an investment, but your car’s lifespan can significantly increase and it will need less maintenance and repairs in the future, meaning that in the end, you’ll save more money and have fewer inconveniences. 

That’s why is vital that you prepare early and have your car ready for a long winter –just in case- is needed.

Here’s a list of the most important tips to take good care of your car in the coldest season:

Polymer wax

It might look like a luxury choice, but actually heavy-duty wax will create a barrier to protect your car from road salt, snow, and sleet. 


Snow tires are worthy! Some of its benefits include more traction than regular tires which causes you to have a better grip allowing you to stop and turn with less probability of sliding, and also reducing the chance of snow build-up. 

Of course, having snow tires or not will depend on where you live. In some weather conditions having good standard tires with the appropriate pressure can do the job, but if you know that in your area temperature will fall below 45 degrees, don’t hesitate to buy winter tires. 


Doing a volt test before winter –or before starting to use your car in the cold- is something truly essential that we tend to overlook. It could save you from the awful experience of being stuck in the middle of a snowstorm with a dead car. 

Ideally, have your battery checked by a professional to be a hundred percent sure that is strong enough to survive a heavy winter. 

Antifreeze/ coolant 

Will keep your engine from freezing –sounds vital, right? – check the levels and super important: make sure there’s no antifreeze leak in your vehicle. 


Did you know that in cold climates car oil can become thicker and as a result, reduce engine circulation? That’s why is wise to change your oil into a thinner one that’s recommended for your particular car model. 

Windshield wipers 

Winter is the time where your Windshield wipers become most important than ever before, needing to be sharp and strong to keep your windshield free of ice, snow, rain, and dirt. 

If your windshield wipers have some time of use it would be a good idea to replace new ones that will be effective. 

Having enough washer fluid is also something to keep an eye on, especially to avoid salt and sand getting stuck in your windshield. 


Driving in the dark with a dying foggy light can be very scary and dangerous. Therefore, make sure your exterior lights are doing their job properly, and if not, change the bulb. 

Another practical suggestion is to inspect your lights before going out to make sure that snow or ice is not covering it up. Remember that in winter, there’s less daylight, and having excellent visibility will make your job easier.

If you follow these tips you’ll have an intact vehicle, and more importantly, you’ll be able to hit the icy roads confidently and safely.