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Basic Guide to the Different Car Body Types

Nowadays, there are huge options of different kinds of car body types to choose from – of course, all coming with each of their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s not that easy to choose what kind of car you want to buy.

Simply liking the style of the car isn’t enough and won’t guarantee you’ll think it is perfect in the long run. Characteristics like the size, function, speed, utility, appearance, etc. need to be considered.

Let’s take a look at these different car body types so you would at least have an idea what would fit you best


sedan car in silver parked outside

This is one of the most famous car body types loved and preferred by people. It is the kind that has a separate area for keeping luggage. The rear cargo area is covered with a trunk lid where you can safely store things and luggage. The size of this can go from medium to large.


black benz coupe car parked outisde

The best definition for this is a small car but with an amazing sporty look admired by a lot of people. It is usually a 2-door car, having a longer hood, and a sloping roofline down to the rear. It is also considered as the 2-door version of a sedan.


silver convertible car parked outside

Want to inhale more of that fresh breeze and enjoy a good view of the surroundings? The rooftop of this car can be detachable – meaning you can alter the look of your car. Now talk about a 2-in-1 style in a car!


Hatchback car in orange sporty

This is a car known for its practicality with its additional space for cargo, while at the same time it is a sleek looking car. Passengers can access the luggage from the compartment much easier since they can reach it from the cabin.

Sports Car

silver sports car parked outside

The usual dream car that can cost a lot and may be risky. It is known for its jaw-dropping look, good performance, and high speeds. These are usually with 2 doors- focusing more on the form and function rather than the seating and cargo capacity.


large jeep suv in black parked outside

This car body type is perfect if you want a larger seating capacity – which ranges from 5 to 7+. Addition to a spacier interior and large body, it is known for its off-road capabilities. It can handle tougher terrains and carry more luggage. However, they tend to be more costly by consuming more fuel mileage and with its heavy maintenance cost.

Station Wagon

blue station wagon parked outside

This is in between a hatchback and a minivan. It can have a third row of seats which spares more space for passengers and luggage. This usually has 5 doors, with the fifth door present at the rear cargo area. These are also widely known as Estate Car.

Pick Up

two pick up trucks parked outside

More of an outdoorsy type of person? Pickup trucks are known for its big rear cargo deck and off-road capabilities. It can carry a lot of heavy items – mountain bikes, bags of cement, equipment, and such.


white mini van with two people inside

Can go from minivans to mid-sized and large ones. It usually has sliding rear doors and has a larger capacity for passengers. This also can be used for transportation businesses.